Our Story

diverse teenagerCARE House was established in 1998 as a result of a community task force that wanted to ensure that abused children did not fall through the cracks of the service delivery system.

The task force, led by Brother Raymond Fitz, was implemented in 1992 in response to several high profile cases of child abuse in Montgomery County. It was made up of numerous community organizations all with the goal of serving our county’s children better.

The task force found that victims of child abuse were receiving a fragmented response from the various local agencies dealing with their case. They wanted to find a way to coordinate this response to better serve these children.

Years earlier in Huntsville, Alabama, the children’s advocacy center movement was established by district attorney Bud Kramer. Kramer was seeing children at the end of their case to prosecute their perpetrator and felt that his cases were being compromised by how many times the child had to tell their story. His cases were falling apart and Kramer realized the need for a more coordinated response. He began the first children’s advocacy center and the movement began to spread.