About Us

Each day, 13 children are reported abused or neglected in Montgomery County- 13 children who have to relive their nightmares as they tell their painful stories to those who will and need to listen. It’s for the worst of these cases that CARE House exists. Since its inception in 1999, CARE House has served over 9,000 families who have been affected by abuse.

The CARE House facility provides a child-centered atmosphere for community partners to come together and serve these families. The layout and design of the building helps put children and families at ease during their visit. The bright colors, natural sunlight, nature –themed rooms and children’s activities give children a sense that this is a good, safe place for them during a very scary time.

The CARE in CARE House stands for Collaboration, Advocacy, Response and Education. It is by these four pillars that CARE House operates.

  • Collaboration

    CARE House involves a partnership between Dayton Children’s Hospital, Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office, Dayton Police Department, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Montgomery County Department of Job and Family Services- Children’s Services Division. In addition to these founding partners, all law enforcement agencies in Montgomery County partner with CARE House for their child abuse investigations.

    These agencies work together to:

    • Implement a prompt, comprehensive, multidisciplinary response to child victims of abuse and neglect, addressing the needs of the children and their non-offending family members.
    • Hold the offenders accountable for his or her actions.
    • Provide the child and their families with needed services to protect the child from further harm.

    Learn more about our partners.

  • Advocacy

    CARE House, along with each of the partner agencies work to advocate for children who don’t have a voice. We provide a victim advocate to walk through the whole CARE House experience with the family. Learn more about victim advocacy.

  • Response

    Our partners work together to have an immediate and comprehensive response to every situation that comes through our doors. We know child victims count on us to get them to a safe place as soon as possible. It is our job to ensure that happens.

  • Education

    It is our goal to be the number one resource on child abuse in Montgomery County. We accomplish this through providing educational resources and classes to community members. Learn more about education opportunities.